The company

Biotechnological Applications was founded on 1990, by a group of scientists, in order to commercially exploit the general knowledge and experience of it’s members in the field of clinical chemistry.

The company, using it’s own know-how, produces in-vitro diagnostic clinical chemistry reagents under the brand name biosis.

biosis reagents are used for the quantitative determination of substrates, enzymes, lipids and electrolytes in biological fluids.

The company has developed application protocols for various clinical chemistry analyzers in the market such as Cobas Mira® , Konelab®, Hitachi® 902, Targa®, Flexor®, Lisa®, Mindray®, Olympus®, Ace®, Wako®, Prestige® 24i, Miura®,Chemwell®, Liasys®, ILab®, Medilyzer®, Ellipse®, Urit® etc, and due to it’s vast experience, it has the ability to adjust them to practically any open system.

Since then it has expanded it’s activities to providing also instruments and technical support in various fields eg hematology, clinical chemistry and electrolyte analysis for a more complete solution for the laboratory.